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Getting Away For Wellness

We all need breaks in our busy schedules. And if you're in the middle of a long journey and feeling like you're losing steam, it may be time for a mental health/wellness retreat to help rejuvenate and recharge. While some people prefer to recharge alone, others enjoy being part of a group. So today, let's look at some activities available when attending a wellness retreat.

An Intimate Connection: Mental Health and Our Digestive Tract

There is a highway of information between our brain and intestines and what's happening below our belt may be influencing what's happening above it. As research explores how the trillions of microbes in our gastrointestinal tract (GI) affect our health and well-being, the link between our GI tract and our brain has become increasingly apparent.

Restorative Mental Health Days

Restorative mental health days can be an excellent way to separate from life's stressors and concentrate on a recovery phase for your mental and emotional well-being. As a growing trend in our society, people have recognized the importance of caring for their mental health and being mindful of the physical results it can create. Simply put, a mental health day is a day off from work specifically to address one's mental health needs. This could mean taking a day to rest, recharge, and seek professional help.

Managing Stress In Today's World

How much stress are you feeling right now? Is this a calm period where everything falls nicely into place, and life is relaxed? Or do there need to be more hours in the day to accomplish everything the world is asking of you Regardless of where on that spectrum you land, everyone can benefit from knowing how to identify stress and its proper management.

20 Health Tips for This Spring!

As we say good bye to March and hello to Spring! We enter a new season of health! Here's 20 ways you can help increase your health to look better and feel better!!

Let's Remember National Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition Month, and what better way to celebrate than by making small changes that can have a big impact on your health? Here’s  a few tips to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. 

Benefits of Fasting!

Let’s talk about your clothes dryer. I know, you’re wondering what laundry has to do with our bodies, but here’s the thing; if our body was a clothes dryer and the filter was never cleaned, bells and whistles are likely to set off. Or worse, a dryer fire, right?

Living Your Best Life!

Are you ready to get up, gear up, and go? With the start of a new year, this is excellent timing for new beginnings or to continue to build upon the healthy lifestyle you're already living. My latest blog, Living Your Best Life, offers tips for creating a healthier you through eating, activity, creativity, and socializing with others. Use the link we've provided, and I'll see you there!

The Key Lab Tests For Hormonal Issues

Many people feel puffy and tired all the time. They may suspect they have thyroid issues, but their doctor has reported that the test comes back fine. While some people may already be taking thyroid meds, they just stopped working, and now they have no idea what to do. Let me share some key insights about lab testing that can make all the difference for your thyroid health.

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