Getting Away For Wellness

Aimee Duffy, M.D. Physician / Lifestyle Architect / Wellness Mentor                                                                             May 2023

We all need breaks in our busy schedules. And if you're in the middle of a long journey and feeling like you're losing steam, it may be time for a mental health/wellness retreat to help rejuvenate and recharge. While some people prefer to recharge alone, others enjoy being part of a group. So today, let's look at some activities available when attending a wellness retreat.

What Should I Know?

Finding your retreat will depend on your goal, and because I practice Integrative Medicine, I recommend a retreat focused on mind, body, and spiritual well-being. If you're familiar with my philosophy and practice, you'll recognize these three components work together to prevent, resolve or complement medical conditions or care. My patients have experienced incredible success through the years, so I've taken it to another level and created a retreat specifically integrating these three parts of self; mind, body, and soul.

Most people enjoy the ambiance of an ocean setting, as the potential is both energizing and tranquil, while the natural beauty and sounds nurture your inner self. It's an ideal setting for introspection, expression, and discovery. In addition, if you are a people person, this is a great way to connect with others who share similar circumstances or common interests. (I've seen lifelong friendships develop this way!)

Getting The Most From Your Retreat

As your host, we provide ample time for discussions and/or analysis of issues affecting or supporting your goals. There may be renowned speakers, individual coaching sessions or consultations, and resources for reference. In addition, workshops can be a great way to share experiences or interact for additional knowledge to improve goal success. There is also time for self-exploration, plenty of outdoor exercise, and inner connection using yoga or meditation.

My preference for smaller group attendance supports a rapport vital to successful retreats. Smaller groups are more conducive to being a "safe space," where we're more likely to open up, ask questions and explore methods or techniques (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self-care) to be practiced after your retreat experience

Powerful Benefits From A Retreat

Science has proven that retreats are highly beneficial to our physical and mental health, and here's why:

  • Breaks life routine and thought patterns
  • It offers a fresh perspective
  • Builds new life habits and reinforces positive changes
  • Creates new relationships through shared experience
  • Provides physical and mental rejuvenation
  • It's good for cognitive and emotional health

Unlike a vacation, a retreat offers a long-term impact and will have professional resources available. In addition, the retreat setting provides availability to like-minded people without the hassle of traveling or coordinating during your stay. And retreats can be a way of finding solitude, away from your daily relationships or circumstances that prevent you from caring for yourself.

It's not unusual to come to a retreat feeling physically or mentally fatigued and emerging energized with a positive mindset! Therefore, I offer my retreats throughout the year, as it's not uncommon for people to plan regular retreats; they feel and see the differences before and after attendance, much like replenishing a gas tank!

Some Closing Thoughts

Are you ready to soak up the sun, nourish your body with good food, and take the right steps toward a happier and healthier you? If you missed our Spring session, I invite you to our next retreat, scheduled for October 23, 2023. There will be more details to follow, so keep checking back!

Be well and be happy!

If you’d like to schedule a consultation or learn more about the benefits of Integrative Medicine, please visit our website at Aimee Duffy, MD. My latest book, Normal Doesn’t Have Side Effects - A Prescription For Optimal Health, is also available for download.



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