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Aimee Duffy, MD utilizes the latest technology in an integrative manner through sophisticated testing and treatment strategies. Her goal is to develop a partnership with her patients empowering them to maximize their vitality and improve their quality of life. The team at Carolina Integrative Medicine is passionate about mentoring men and women who are willing to take the steps necessary to achieve optimal, life-long health.


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My 13 year old daughter came to me for help when she was suicidal, this is the story of the journey she and I took together and the revelation that so many teens are going through similar situations and our system is not set up to help then. And many parents are unaware of what we can do to help our kids before they get to a breaking point.

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Have you noticed any of the following changes or behaviors in your teenager?

Sudden loss of interest in activities they previously enjoyed, like hobbies, social
interactions, or academics?

Dramatic personality changes: Becoming withdrawn, excessively irritable, angry, or
displaying uncharacteristic aggression?

Unexplained physical complaints: Persistent physical complaints such as frequent
headaches, stomachaches, fatigue, or unexplained aches and pains.

Preoccupation with death or suicide: If your teen frequently talks, writes, or jokes about
death, dying, or suicide, even in a seemingly casual manner?

Social withdrawal: Your teen may start isolating themselves from friends, family, and
social activities they once enjoyed. Do they spend excessive time alone in their room
and avoid interaction?

Changes in sleep patterns: Are there significant changes in your teen's sleep habits?
Loss of appetite or changes in eating habits: Significant weight loss or gain, a sudden
disinterest in food, or irregular eating patterns?

A decline in academic performance: A sudden and significant drop in grades or a lack of
motivation towards schoolwork?

Increased substance abuse: Teens at risk for suicide may look for drugs or alcohol to
cope with their emotional pain.

Loss of interest in personal hygiene: Neglecting personal grooming and hygiene, such
as not showering regularly or neglecting their appearance?

Important Note: The majority of teens who die by suicide have an underlying mental
health condition, such as depression or anxiety. Recognizing the signs of mental
distress and providing early intervention can be life-saving. Please contact your child’s
healthcare provider for follow-up.


As a parent, we can approach prevention together. By educating yourself, and learning about my story. 

Your body, and your body’s chemistry, are unique. Restoring your health must be based on your body’s specific needs. Using real patients’ stories and relaxed, easy-to-read explanations, Dr. Duffy explains the proven, scientific methods she uses to reveal and treat the invisible interactions between each patient’s hormones, body systems, and food. Her patients achieve a better quality of life than they have had in years.

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Many people right now are feeling sluggish and overwhelmed. And many of them have been feeling this way for a while and they can’t figure out why. Most people are relying on loads of coffee to push through the day, but having trouble getting sound sleep at night – we call it tired and wired. Well, it’s not just the to do list, toxin overload, maybe to ...

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